Monday, July 17, 2017


Bovinoche is a love child event put on by Jeff Bannister with the help of top notch chefs from around the region. We've seen it in the past, but have never been able to attend (out of town or other things planned). This year, I made sure to set their page to send me notifications of posts, and I had to have been one of the earliest to get tickets. The location has bounced around a few times, so not only were we finally able to attend, but it was just 15 minutes from our house.

Since you're probably not familiar with it. What Bovinoche does is cook whole animals. The main attraction is a whole cow, but they also do a pig, chickens, goat, trout, and this year's specialty was octopus (which I didn't try). They also have some of the other chefs help to provide appetizers, sides, and desserts. Beyond the food, they also have live music and vendors set up.

The whole cow.

I believe this was the goat with the chickens and octopus.

One of the many things Jeff is known for is his huge pans of Paella.

The wife had a couple of pieces of rice that were a little tough, but outside of that, it was delicious.

Hello, I taste delicious.

We had a great time, and I can't wait till next year's event.

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