Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Go-To Food - Pizza

Since we were going to be home all weekend over Memorial Day weekend, I decided to check out BBQ-Brethren to see what Throwdowns were on the board. The first one that I saw that caught my eye was the "Your Go-To Food" Throwdown. Fairly simple concept, it's your go-to meal or meal mostly requested by others. We usually just do our pizza in the oven, but love any excuse to throw it on the grill.

Started by getting the toppings going.

Brought the stone up to temp on the grill while everything else was getting ready.

While I did the toppings, the wife stretched out the dough ...

and added the sauce with fresh herbs from her garden.

Pepperoni covering my side, and some slices on hers along with onions.

Then added the bacon ...

and sausage ...

before covering with a healthy portion of Mozzarella.

To the grill.

The grill just gets the crust so much crispier than cooking it in the oven. We use the same stone and everything, but it just cooks so much better out there. I can't wait for left overs tonight.