Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chick(en) Gone Wild

Since it's been forever. I decided to return to the Brethren Throwdown. This week's TD is Bones Gone Wild. There weren't any special rules. You just had to cook something with a bone. Well, I took a play on the words, and mixed the cooking with the Girls Gone Wild title ... and created Chick(en) Gone Wild.

I used the Cajun Seasoning from my "Gamecock" rub set I bought off Amazon (they have MOST Colleges).

I made sure I covered the chicken as much as possible to make sure the flavor is all over.

Don't worry, I purposely didn't rub down the front. 

Why yes ... that IS a tin foil bikini the chicken has on. I used toothpicks to keep it in place, and then rubbed the rest of the area around the bikini.

This was also nearly a 5lb bird, so I grilled it around 20 minutes at 450, and then turned it down to 380 for about an hour. Just like a drunken coed on spring break ... my chick has a nice tan once she came off the grill.

The colors weren't AS defined as I really hoped for, but you can definitely see the difference in color when the chick pills back for the camera

From another angle ...the colors seperate a little more. Beer can chicken is quickly jumping up the list of favorite things to cook/eat. Both of the ones I've done have been amazing.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Haven't Forgotten You

I realize it's been a few weeks now since my last post. Weather hasn't been kind to us (on the weekends), and when it has been nice we've had plans. HOPEFULLY this weekend I'll get to do some ribs, or something.

Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm hungry

I haven't had ribs in a few weeks now, and have 2 racks in the freezer. Guess what I'm doing Sunday.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pork'n' Da Butt

Rise and shine everyone it's time to cook. With the help of my fancy new injector Dawn got me for Christmas. I've done the injection, and rub already and it's waiting to go in the smoker now. I'm going to give it another 30 minutes, so it'll have at least an hour to absorb everything.

Now that I think about it. The Sweet Seduction may not have been a great selection to go with this injection. The injection is already pretty sweet soooooooooo yeah. May be throwing some spice on the mix.

I'm struggling to get the fire going this morning. I didn't have any newspaper to get my coals burning, so this is delaying the start. I think I may have it going now. Hopefully it'll be ready to go in at 8:30.

Welp, 8:30 passed and still no fire, but it seems to have FINALLY caught. Note to self: SAVE NEWSPAPER FOR CHEMNEY.

THE BUTT IS ON!!!!! The temp finally got up to 250 (an hour after I started working on it), so the meat went in and will start the cook.

The temp is steady around 260-270, and the butt is cooking just fine.

2 hours in and here she is so far

3 hours in ... starting to get a nice little darkness

Just a hair under 5 hours in. The internal temp is right around 140-145. Goal is to reach 200 internal temp.

6 hours in and you can really start seeing it bark up.

8 hours in ...

I ran a lot lower temp than Butt #1, so it's taking a longer time to cook. This is now just shy of 10 hours in. I love the bark that's forming. This may take longer, but it looks a LOT better.

The butt was finally finished after spending 11 hours in it's heat bath, so it was time to be foiled, wrapped in a towel, and thrown in a preheated cooler.

After an hour resting in the cooler ... it was pulling time. Look at the bark mmm mmm mmmmmmmm

As any good Q'er knows. The bone must come out CLEAN ...

Check out that pink smoke ring with the bark on the outside.

The new fancy gloves made this a LOT easier job.

I present to you THE best pulled pork I may have ever eaten. The flavor from the injection and rub. Mixed with the Stubb's Spicy and Carolina Sweet was perfect.

Dawn made the side zucchini fries, and some kind of noodle stuff.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Prep Work For Butt #2

I just got finished making (a 1/4 of) Myron's Hog Injection. I'll wake up at 6 tomorrow and inject my butt (hhmmm that doesn't sound fun at all). Then around 7:30ish she'll go in the smoker.

The recipe is VERY large, so we decided to cut it down into a quarter. He uses AJ, ddistilled vinegar, salt, sugar, and some fancy word for flavor enhancer (the Ac'cent stuff). I use beer (that's the new Bud Light Platinum with 6.0% alcohol. It taste like a slightly thicker Bud Light ... which is good, because that's exactly what it is.)

The AJ and vinegar go in the pot on medium heat (level 6), and then add the salt, sugar and enhancer. Stirring until everything has dissolved.

... and it looks all pretty like this. Now it's time for the injection to cool, and then store and get ready for in the morning.