Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Celebration Steaks: Married Edition

When we got engaged, we celebrated by cooking a big steak dinner. We went out and bought some (not so cheap) New York Strips and cooked The Greatest Engagement Dinner You'll Never Have

Dawn's mom got us a room at the Embassy Suits in Charlotte the night before our honeymoon, so we wouldn't have to drive up early in the morning. As we were walking to our room we saw that the hotel restaurant was Omaha Steaks, and my eyes lit up. We checked out the menu and it wasn't really that bad, so we tried it out.

Dawn ended up breaking the tradition, but went with their Parmesan Crusted Chicken. Since she makes it for me all the time, she wanted to try out a "professional" kind. 

As you can see in the picture, she had her fork ready to go, but I had to but in and take a picture first ... 

The juiciness of the chicken made the crust a little soggy, and not as crispy as her is, but she still really enjoyed it. 

As you may know, I LOVE New York Strips, so I had to try theirs out. I got it with whatever kind of potatoes they had, but lets be honest, nobody is on this site to know about a side of mashed potatoes ...

If those pictures just made you drool, don't worry, the steak was as good (actually, better (actually, a LOT better)) than it looks. For the longest time, I had said that a New York Strip that I got at Liberty Steak House one time (I've gone back a few times and it's never been the same) was the greatest steak I've ever had. Omaha Steaks' New York Strip in the Embassy Suits in Charlotte has now taken that crown. 

Maybe it was the built up excitement of being a newlywed and about to leave on our honeymoon, or maybe it was just that the steak was amazingly awesome. Whatever it was, there is a new bar when it comes to great steaks, in my book.

Next time we're in Charlotte, I know where we're going ...

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