Thursday, August 23, 2012

Breaking In Jessica

I've rubbed down the inside with vegi oil and the coals and firing up. It's time to take her for a test drive

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Greatest Engagement Dinner You'll Never Have

To purchase any of the seasoning used in this cook (which I would STRONGLY recommend) visit The Rub Co.

Dawn and I decided to have our own private engagement celebration dinner. Dawn being Dawn purchased a groupon for Whole Foods, so we decided we'd try some of their "all natural no steroid blah blah blah" steaks. I chose to go with the big daddy, and she picked the slightly smaller (less fatty) cut that they had.

Neither one of use really realized how big these were sitting next to the other steaks. Once we started preparing dinner the size definitely showed up. Look in picture 2 where Dawn compared the steaks to a normal dinner fork. No tricks here, the knife is directly beside the steaks.

(The Weber seasoning in the background wasn't used for this cook)

About 2 hours before they went on the grill I covered both steaks in Worceshsirshirhsirhsirhe Sauce, Balsamic Vinegar and The Rub Co.'s Santa Maria Seasoning.

While the steaks soaked up all the goodies. We prepared the sides. Since I've been a member of The BBQ Brethren all I've heard is Eggplant this and Eggplant that. We finally decided to give it a shot, so we went to the Farmers Market and picked one up to go with sweet corn.

I used the slicer to cut the Eggplant into slices. Drizzled some EVVO and then covered them with The Rub Co.'s Competition Rub.

While I was doing the Eggplant Dawn buttered the corner and gave it a nice coating of The Rub Co.'s Original before wrapping it up in tin foil.

The Steaks were so thick/juicy/fatty I kept having flair ups. I was afraid the outside would completely burn before the inside got to temp, so I moved it up to the top rack about halfway through the cook. Knowing what I know now, the steaks would have been find to stay on the direct heat with no problem.

While at the Farmers Market Dawn also picked up some herb bread, so we cut it up and threw it on the grill as well.

Once the steaks rested for 10 minutes it was time to eat. My grill marks weren't up to my standards due to the flair ups and having to move them around a lot.

I couldn't get a good angle the show the color, but these steaks ended up right on Medium ... just the way we like it. If you've never tried The Rub Co.'s Santa Maria Rub ... BUY IT NOW!!!!! I "like" most of the rubs I use, and recommend all of them for new flavors and to change things up. However, I LOVE the Santa Maria rub. This was the first time we used it, and it will be on the next set of steaks I do that's for sure. These were the best steaks I've ever eaten (it could be due to me not having steak for over 2 months ... but I HIGHLY doubt that.

The Eggplant was really good. I enjoyed it, but Dawn thought it was too sweet. Next time we may go with a spicer seasoning to counter the sweetness some.

Once dinner was finished it was dessert time. Last year we went to the Biltmore House and picked up some of their "sparkling wine" for this exact even.

Not pictured is the cork that flew (yes I measured it) over 30 feet away.

For dessert we had grilled peaches and pound cake ... yes grill pound cake. If you've never had it but love pound cake. You don't realize how much you really love pound cake until you've had it.

They both went into a bowl with a few scoops of ice cream and was absolutely delicious. I couldn't have imagined a better dinner to celebrate my engagement to the most amazing woman on Earth. I love you Dawn (and I love you too Santa Maria Rub)

Come Back Ribs and Smoked Potatoes

I've been dying for ribs, and since I can finally bite again it was time. We've seen on multiple shows people smoking potatoes and Dawn has been wanting me to give them a try.

I had a slab in the freezer from when they were on sale ... 5 years ago it seems. Took off the membrane and covered them with Plowboys Yardbird Rub.

Got my coals ready in the smoker.

Getting some fired up in my chimney.

I probably should have let them go a little longer, but I was already running a little later than I wanted.

The coals are on and now it's time to preheat.

I didn't get any pictures of me putting the ribs in, but they're in and smoking away.

I was trying to get a picture of the "blue smoke". When the smoke is light enough you can barely see it.

3 hours in and time to foil. Add some AJ to the foil, and wrapped 'em up.

Once the ribs went back in I added the potatoes.

An hour later the potatoes go in foil, and the chicken goes on. About half an hour later the ribs came out of the foil.

When It's all said and done ... it's time to eat.

Ribs and BBQ Chicken and smoked potatoes ... with a Jack and Dr. Pepper 10 and whatever beer Dawn was having in her Braves coozie.

My first bites into ribs in over 2 month (rocking my new old SC truckers hat and creme not ash grey Brethren shirt). The ribs cooked at a little higher temp that I would have liked, so they were further along the fall off the bone than I usually go for. For this situation and with sensitive teeth still ... they were perfect.

The potatoes were very good with a very light hent of smoke. We will be doing this again in the futue for sure.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

She's Ready and Waiting

I got the call yesterday that my new smoker has been completed and ready for pick up. A coworker of mine used to work for UPS, and was able to get me a good deal with UPS Freight. She will be picked up today, and hopefully delivered TOMORROW ... just in time for Dawn and I to be leaving on vacation.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Time To EXPAND

Dawn's whole thing has been I can't have a new smoker until she gets her "something shiny". Well, she's got her something shiny so I've ordered my new smoker. It still has about a week till it should be ready, but she's on the way. Dawn already has plans to go out of town with a girlfriend to go wedding dress shopping (for the friend not Dawn ... this trip) for the 25th. Therefore, I will be having an all day smokefest on my new Lang 36 Original Patio smoker.

No worries, there will be PLENTY of pictures of my new smoker once it arrives. There will also be a special introduction of Leroy The Angel Pig.

I also have a new Maverick remote thermometer that I'll be able to break in at the same time.

Time to lock it down ...

Dawn and I have been dating just shy of 2 years now, and last night we began a new chapter. We've been friends for years, and I figure if she can still put up with me after this long ... I need to snatch her up. She's mine all mine, and nobody else can have her.

I liked it so I put a ring on it ...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Time to start firing it up

Due to the accident, my Q has been put on the back burner a bit. I was able to do the butt a few weeks ago, but still haven't dove completely back into Qing. However, that is about to change. This weekend I will be doing my first set of ribs in a few months, and I'll do a few smoked Chicken Breasts for Dawn.

On the 30th I'll be doing a cook for some friends for the start of the Gamecocks Football season. I'm not sure what'll be on the menu just yet, but you know it'll be something good.

Big things are coming soon ... stay posted.