Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Like Big Butts ...

Some coworkers of mine have been asking me to cook some pulled pork for them for weeks now. I figured since this weekend was going to be so nice out, and I haven't cooked in a while. That I'd pick up a butt, and smoke it for everyone.

I got off work Thursday and picked up this 12.5lb BIG BUTT.

I injected it with my Myron Mixon's hog injection, and rubbed it down with a thick coat of Simply Marvelous Sweet Seduction.

After a couple of hours it's started getting some color to it (I'm sure Dawn will love this picture with the fat dripping down) 

The butt has been in for 9 hours now, and sitting right around 160 degrees. The temp to reach is 200. In about 2-3 more hours. It should be ready to come out.

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