Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Everything American Burger

So its chilly and raining outside and I'm about to grill anyway. The only way to rightfully do so. Is to make sure I'm warm on the inside

Now it's time to get to work ... as you can tell by the name of the thread. This burger is going to have ... well ... everything.

Start it off by dicing a half of a green pepper and half of an onion.

On the opposite counter. Dawn gets our fries going. She's eating the sweet potato fries on the right, and for mine we mixed some Stubs Spicy with 3 Beer Rub. 

Back to the action in the main ring. I precooked some bacon and pulled it into little pieces. Mixed the bacon, meat, onion, and peppers with wishirererereshirshsheire sauce and some Pepper Palace Whiskey Rub.

Patted them out into 4 pieces and added Pepper Jack cheese to the center.

Laid the next "layer" on top and pressed the edges together.

It was time to move to the grill. For what will probably be this grills last ever cook. It only took me 30 minutes to "fix" it before I could eve get the thing to light.

We're dog sitting for Dawn's mom while she's on vacation, and Memphis decided to come out and give me a hand ... or at least come out and smell dinner cooking.

Time to pile on ... I added 3 more strips of bacon and more pepper jack cheese to the top.

Once the cheese had time to melt I then added the doughnut to the grill ... yes ... I really just said doughnut ... yes ... I really am half crazy.

Once everything was finished cooking on the grill and back inside it was time to add more (remember, I said it was the EVERYTHING American Burger). What's more American (and the point of this blog) than BBQ? I had some more left over BBQ from my previous cook, so we heated it up and covered it with Sticky Fingers Tennessee Whiskey (it went with the whiskey rub ... and Jack I was drinking ... see a trend here?)

Once the mound is constructed and the doughnut bun is added. I had to use a wood skewer to hold it all together.

Now it's time to eat and enjoy ... for the record. The fries were AMAZING with the mix of the 2 rubs, and the burger ... well ... I'll be honest ... the doughnut was HORRIBLE mixed with the maple bacon. I took it off the doughnut and put it on a real bun, and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

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