Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Country Style Ribs

Motivated by one of the recent BBQ Pitmaster's episodes, Dawn saw some Country Style Ribs and picked them up to try. They're a lot different than they appeared on the show, but you work with what ya got, I guess. 

I took out the pieces and trimmed some of the larger hunks of fat off. 

I used some of my new Bone Suckin' Sauce for these. 

We all know nothing goes better with meat than potatoes, so we decided to smoke some red potatoes too. I sprinkled them the 3 Beer Rub and then with the Bacon Seasoning. 

Through the ribs on Bullet Bill for about an hour and then finished them on the grill. The potatoes needed a little longer to cook, so our first attempt at smoked red potatoes kind of failed ... had to ... sniff sniff ... nuke them.

The potatoes didn't have the crunch with the skin since we had to nuke them, but the rub and smoke was really good on them. The ribs were delicious, and will definitely be done again. I'm thinking next time I'll go a little lower and longer on the smoker and then finish on the grill for a good sear. 

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