Friday, February 20, 2015

Review: Smokey's BBQ Shack, Morrisville, NC

We had my company's national kickoff in Raleigh, NC this year. My boss had to go up a day before the rest of us, and some of the local guys took him out to lunch. He's also a bit of a BBQ nut, so when they asked what he wanted, he told them to take him to a good BBQ place. As soon as we got to kickoff my boss came up to me and said that when we leave on Friday, we had to stop by there to pick up lunch.

We pulled up and it was as advertised, a BBQ shack. The gravel parking lot was packed, and the inside was equally as packed. They weren't lined out the door, but just to the door. Which was good, because that gave us plenty of time to check out all the pig, Tennessee Vol, and other random decorations lining every inch of the shack.

I ordered the pulled pork with mac and cheese and fries, and of course, I had to get Dawn the banana pudding.

The sides left a lot to be desired. The mac and cheese was very bland, and the fries didn't have any seasoning. Now, with a little salt, the fries were pretty good, but there was no helping the mac. Although the sides weren't that great, the pork was. It had a great smoke ring and was full of flavor. Add on some of their sauce and it was really, really good.

It wasn't the best meal I've ever had, but part that matters is definitely worth making this a lunch destination.

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