Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It Doesn't Take Much These Days

We don't have a very large yard (less than half an acre), so I don't have a need - or excuse - to go out and buy a fancy-smancy riding lawn mower. Her mom bought her a push mower when she got her house 5 years ago, so it was coming time for something new.

I've been looking for a new mower for probably 2 years now and finally convinced the wifey that one was needed. Today we went to Lowe's to buy a new water filter for our sink, and left with a new Troy -Bilt TB360 190cc self-propelled push mower (and no water filter). Now, there wasn't anything wrong with the older mower, but it was just time for it to go out to cut the pasture.

I still really enjoy playing video games and other things like that, but the older I get I've noticed that I've started getting excited about more ... "old people" things. Who would have thought, that a new push mower would get me all excited?

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