Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Miss Jamaica Hotdog

With my return to BBQ Brethren's throwdowns, it's given me more ideas of food to do. This week's throwdown is "Tubesteak & Sausagefest", and immediately I knew what I was making.

On our honeymoon, one of the restaurants had a pork rib hot dog with pulled pork and cheese on top. In case you've forgotten, or weren't around then (shame on you), lets take a stroll down memory lane to nearly 2 years ago ...

We'll get back to the dog in a minute, but lets start with the sides. Since this is kind of a honeymoon recreation, I let the wifey decide what went with the dogs.

First, I started off by cooking 4 stripes of thick cut bacon while she diced the onions, peppers, and tomato.

Once the bacon was done, we took it out and cooked the onion and pepper in the bacon grease for about 8 minutes (until they weren't crunchy).

Once those were cooked, we added the drained and rinsed beans, chopped tomatoes, minced garlic, and crumbled bacon pieces and let it cook on medium-high for 20 minutes.

While the beans were cooking away, it was time for the star. I got some beer pork bratwursts from Whole Foods (because we wanted to go fancy).

Dawn stopped by the store on the way home and even picked up some fresh bakery hotdog buns.

Rhett isn't the biggest fan of cook time because that means he's not getting any love and attention.

For those that aren't from the South. I'd like to present to you, a Carolina Moon. You know, just cause.

Topped the beer pork brat with some pulled pork with sweet and spicy sauce and finished with sharp Vermont cheddar cheese.

The air conditioning wasn't the same as the open air Jamaican restaurant, and although the dog was delicious, I still haven't been able to master the greatest hotdog in the world. However, one thing is just as good as it was in Jamaica (actually better) ... I had my wife of nearly 2 years right beside me.

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