Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review: Mike & Jeff's BBQ, Greenville, SC

A few weeks back I posted the Thrillists 11 Best BBQ Cities In America which had Greenville, SC ranked 9th. We have a couple of good places, but I still don't know if I'd say we're the 9th best BBQ city in the world. I'd think Scott's BBQ by itself should have Hemingway, SC on the list all by itself.

Anyway, one of the joints on the list was Mike & Jeff's BBQ. I'd had their catered food before at my old job, but had actually never stopped in for a bite to eat. Now, if you plan to visit, you might want to make sure you have your concealed weapon with you, because that side of town can get a little rough.

I went with the basic pork sandwich plate with baked beans and fries.

Just as I remembered, this is a good old fashion BBQ joint. The pork was delicious and filled with smoke flavor and smell, and the beans were delicious. The fries were ... fries. Like traditional BBQ is, they're all about the sauce. The pork is relative plan, seasoning wise, but once you add their sauces, it's a whole other story.

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