Thursday, February 2, 2012

Prep Work For Butt #2

I just got finished making (a 1/4 of) Myron's Hog Injection. I'll wake up at 6 tomorrow and inject my butt (hhmmm that doesn't sound fun at all). Then around 7:30ish she'll go in the smoker.

The recipe is VERY large, so we decided to cut it down into a quarter. He uses AJ, ddistilled vinegar, salt, sugar, and some fancy word for flavor enhancer (the Ac'cent stuff). I use beer (that's the new Bud Light Platinum with 6.0% alcohol. It taste like a slightly thicker Bud Light ... which is good, because that's exactly what it is.)

The AJ and vinegar go in the pot on medium heat (level 6), and then add the salt, sugar and enhancer. Stirring until everything has dissolved.

... and it looks all pretty like this. Now it's time for the injection to cool, and then store and get ready for in the morning.

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