Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chick(en) Gone Wild

Since it's been forever. I decided to return to the Brethren Throwdown. This week's TD is Bones Gone Wild. There weren't any special rules. You just had to cook something with a bone. Well, I took a play on the words, and mixed the cooking with the Girls Gone Wild title ... and created Chick(en) Gone Wild.

I used the Cajun Seasoning from my "Gamecock" rub set I bought off Amazon (they have MOST Colleges).

I made sure I covered the chicken as much as possible to make sure the flavor is all over.

Don't worry, I purposely didn't rub down the front. 

Why yes ... that IS a tin foil bikini the chicken has on. I used toothpicks to keep it in place, and then rubbed the rest of the area around the bikini.

This was also nearly a 5lb bird, so I grilled it around 20 minutes at 450, and then turned it down to 380 for about an hour. Just like a drunken coed on spring break ... my chick has a nice tan once she came off the grill.

The colors weren't AS defined as I really hoped for, but you can definitely see the difference in color when the chick pills back for the camera

From another angle ...the colors seperate a little more. Beer can chicken is quickly jumping up the list of favorite things to cook/eat. Both of the ones I've done have been amazing.

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