Monday, November 26, 2012

Why Did Mr. Gobbles Cross The Road?

To get smoked!!!!!

As previously advertised. I smoked my first turkey this season, and I must say ... it turned out pretty daggum well. Dawn picked us up a 13lb Butterball Premium from the grocery store.

The inside was still a little "slushy". It wasn't 100% thawed out, so the neck was a fight to get out.

She injected it with a store bought injection we picked up (she did it because she likes to watch it go "poof"). I made this "rub" thanks to a fellow Brethren. We used regular Wershirshirshire sauce instead of the white wine they call for (we didn't have the other, and didn't notice it had to be the fancy smancy kind).

I patted the skin dry before throwing Mr. Gobbles in the smoker (patting the skin dry is supposed to help give a crunchier skin).

At about the 2 hour mark, Mr. Gobbles is getting a nice color to him. I covered him 45 minutes or so after this so he wouldn't get too dark.

After 3-3 1/2 hours of smoking it was time to rest, so we let him sit for a good hour and a half to 2 hours till it was time to eat.

It may look like I know what I'm doing ... however ... I DON'T!!!!!!!!!

As I said ... I have no clue how to carve a turkey ... it showed.

I can't remember what the white bowl had in it (something I don't eat anyway, so it didn't matter), every one's holidays favorite deviled eggs followed (if you look close enough you'll see the 4 that are empty ... those are mine), and followed with the butchered Turkey.

Dawn's mom's gravy, Dawn's sweet potato crunch (I don't eat sweet potatoes, but this was actually really good), and of course the dressing on the end.

Dawn wanted to cook me a surprise since I love green beans and bacon ... For the first time making them they came out pretty good. The beans were a little tough, so maybe they have to be cooked before ... the recipe didn't say so, so who knows ... still good.

Then it was finished up with mashed potatoes and mac'n'cheese (not pictured: rolls and pecan pie)

What? Oh, you're wanting to know how everything turned out? Fine! We had both families over, and I believe everyone LOVED the Turkey (except Kara ... only because she didn't eat anything ... literally). For my first doing, the turkey came out juicy and loaded with flavor. The rub definitely enhanced the injection and was one of the best turkys I've ever eaten. I think I may have just created a new family tradition.

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