Friday, May 10, 2013

Road Trip Across America and Great BBQ Joints Along The Way

Some people want to see the 7 Wonders of the World before they die, some want to see every NASCAR race track, some want to visit every NFL/MLB/NBA stadium/field/arena, heck some even want to visit every country, but then there's a different bred of people. There's weirdoes like me, that love BBQ so much, they want to visit the best BBQ joints across America. put together an article for people like us and highlights 10 of the best ... not THE 10 best ... BBQ joints in America. 

I don't know about you, but I think a road trip hitting these spots would be what I would call ... AWESOME!!!!!

Now, we can't really get together and go on a road trip (well we could, but somebody would have to pay for the buses and ... I'm paying for a wedding so I'm broke), but we can always pretend like we are, right? 

So lets get go on this magical road trip ... Since this is make belief, everyone can meet up at our house, and take off from there. We start in Greenville, SC and we head up I-95 to Hot Rod' Real Pit BBQ in Wharton, NJ, then on up to Dinosaur BBQ, in NY, and then keep going to Sweet Cheeck BBQ, in Boston, MA. 

Once we've hit the North Eastern stops, we hop back on the magic bus and hit I-78 and I-70 to one of the 3 17th Street Bar & Grill in Illinois.

From there, it's a "quick" trip down I-55 to Tennessee where we'll stop at Central BBQ in the famous Memphis, TN. After eating some Q and visiting Graceland (no, you can NOT go to Memphis and not visit Graceland ... it's a rule ... I just made it) we get back on I-55 and then over to US-49 where we go to the Deep South and The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint in Mississippi.

Since we're back in the south, we throw in Willie Nelson and get "On The Road Again" (see what I did there?). Take I-10 to TX-304 till we reach Austin, TX and The Salt Lick.

With 7 spots down and 3 to go ... lets all take a breather, and throw back a few cold ones with the local Cowboys.

After we recover, it's "HI HO SILVER AWAY" up I-35 to what some call the BBQ capital (but we all know that's the Carolinas ... where it began), Kansas City, where we chow down at Oklahoma Joe's BBQ.

On the back straight away, but the next two stops, have some of the longest travels of the trip. Getting back on I-70 to US-285 through the Colorado mountains to Oak, The New Fat Alley in Telluride, CO.

The bus is starting to break down after all the miles we've put on it, but we can see the finish line. We're on I-40 for what seems like eternity until we've reached our finally stop in Casmalia, CA, The Hitching Post, which is very ironically named since I'm typing this up the day before my wedding. 

That was the longest, most delicious trip known to man. The bus exploded in the parking lot, so lets all just board a plane and get home so we can pass out in our own beds. 

If you want to check out the actual post by Forbes, you can check it out here.

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