Friday, May 31, 2013

This Year's Stash

Memorial Day is the official unofficial kickoff to Summer. Everywhere you go you'll see grills, cooking utensils,  meats, and charcoal on sale. Apparently, some people only cook outdoors during the warm months of the year, so all of these things go on sale for those people so they know when it's safe to dust off the grill and go back outside ... yeah, I don't get it either.

For those like me (not afraid to freeze in the name of food ... I've fired up the pit in sub freezing temps before), Memorial Day sales are like Christmas in May. On the Brethren, Memorial Day is followed like a Taylor Swift tour by a 13 year old girl. There's countless threads opened daily, asking for the latest and greatest deals, and while someone is asking that, someone else is posting which are the latest and greatest deals of the season. 

This year the best deal on Kingsford is at WalMart. You can get 2 15lb bags for 6.98 coming out at .23 a pound. Lowes and Home Deport normally have the best deals, and there's aren't bad this year, but the price comes out to .25 a pound. Although it doesn't sound like much, when you're buying hundreds of pounds ... it adds up. 

Last year I had a decent little stock pile, but ran out and had to start buying regular priced bags. This year, with a bigger pit and cooking more, I knew I'd have to get a bigger stash. I left Wally World with 240 pounds of charcoal, and went to Academy earlier in the day and got 2 more bags of wood. Needless to say, my car was dragging on the way home. 

I just hope at this point it'll last me till the next sale for Labor Day. 

To a completely different, unrelated story, Dawn picked me up a new candle. I used to LOVE Yankee Candle's Banana Nut Bread candle, but they discontinued it. I have a Hershey's with Almonds candle I got from a sweet shop at the beach, and a Cherry Moonshine candle from Ole' Smokey Mountain Moonshine in TN. As great as they are, I believe I've found my new favorite ... 

She's made these Bacon and Bourbon Brownies before, and this smells EXACTLY like those coming out of the oven. I swear, it's the worst smell you've ever smelt in your life ... don't go buy any (insert evil smile as I run to the store and buy them out). 

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