Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: The Flying Biscuit Cafe

We like to try new places to eat when we go out of town (hence the whole point of the food review section of this blog), so before we left Hotlanta, we wanted to try a new breakfast place. 

I checked on my phone, while the wifey was getting ready, and found The Flying Biscuit. I knew it looked familiar, and later on she looked it up and they have been on some Food Network show or something. So, off we went. 

Knowing it was a "famous" spot we were kind of dreading the wait, because we were already running a little later than we wanted, so we were both starving. We got there and was told the wait was 5-10 for 2, so obviously we waited.  

I looked at the menu and the first I noticed was that I felt like I was about to throw up. The light over us was higher up than the ceiling fan, so the blades gave it this almost strobe-light affect. I'm not one to get motion sick or anything, but I had to pick the menu up and actually stand it up before I did. I looked around and it didn't look like every table was like this, so maybe just bad luck, but dang was it annoying. 

Dawn got the Southern Scramble without collards. Which included 3 eggs with turkey bacon and onions scrambled together, "creamy dreamy grits", and biscuit. She wasn't too sure about the grits at first, but it grew on her and she liked them before we left. Her favorite part was the biscuits and (what we believe to be) cranberry apple butter they give you. I have to agree, whatever that stuff is, it's good.

Let me preface this by saying, Dawn is a more health-conscious person that I am. She eats turkey bacon on a regular occasion and substitutes turkey whatever in recipes (as you've seen here) all the time. 

I ordered the Flying Biscuit Breakfast which comes with 2 eggs scrambled, "creamy dreamy grits", chicken sausage, and added a side of turkey bacon. The waitress even looked at me and said "it's turkey bacon, is that ok?" I wanted to say "well no, it's not ok, but it'll do." However, I was nice and just said "yes, ma'am."

The eggs were great, but it takes talent to mess up eggs. The grits were ok. I don't know what they put in them to make them so creamy, but I'm not a big fan of cream in the first place, so it was a little meh. They weren't horrible, and most people will probably like them, but I'm just not a fan. The chicken sausage had great flavor. The first one I ate was super duper dry though. I'm talking, it adsorb all of the liquid in my mouth, it was so dry. The second piece was a LOT better and was really good. I think the first might have been sitting out a little while, or maybe was just overdone. The turkey bacon, I wish I could get my $2 back. To make sure I wasn't biased, I even let Dawn try it and she agreed I might as well had been eating a tired. These things had NO crunch at all and literally tasted like rubber. I will leave a restaurant completely miserable before I will leave bacon behind ... I left a slice and a half on the table when we left. 

Again, the biscuits and that jam/jelly, was off the chain. I don't do a lot of jam/jelly on things, but this was just absolutely delicious. 

I don't know if I'd say this is a "must go" place, but it's not a "stay away" place either. The biscuits are great, you should definitely go try the biscuits if nothing else, but if you order a full meal ... dodge the "bacon" like the plague. 

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  1. Delia Champion, the founder of the Flying Biscuit, now has a chicken sausage stand on Moreland. Try that. I want to get to Ria's Bluebird for their brisket breakfast. The Red Eyed Mule makes some good biscuits too. Cafe Jonah and the Magic Attic is an oddly named but excellent breakfast place too.