Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review: Another Broken Egg Cafe, Charleston, SC

We had our trip all planned out. We would have 1 dinner at S.N.O.B., a lunch would be spent at Pizzeria Di Giovanni, and a breakfast would be dedicated to Barbara Jean's (each can be seen in The Best (and not so best) Of Charleston review). We left Thursday after work so we'd be able to get down there and save a day. Woke up Friday morning and started walking (something that wouldn't end until we left). We tried a couple of different places, but the lines were all longer than we wanted to wait, so Dawn said "Lets just go to Barbara Jean's." We turn back towards Market St and start walking. As we turn I notice a sign for Another Broken Egg Cafe, and say "Hey, isn't that the place that's opening up in Greenville? We'll have to give it a shot before we leave and I can review it for everyone." Dawn agrees and we keep walking. We get to the end of the block and realize we've passed where Barbara Jeans was (how in the world did we manage that?), so we turn back and start walking back up the street. Once we get back to Another Broken Egg, and still no sign of Barbara Jean's, we realized ... they've apparently closed. This type of luck would plague our entire trip and it's food decisions.

As I've mentioned time and time again, I'm not a real "fancy" eater. If it has big words in the title or ingredients, I don't want it. They have all kinds of healthy dishes, "scrambled skillets", and different play on words on their menu, so I was really getting irritated trying to find "eggs and sides". I'm pretty sure this was obvious as the wifey reached over and pointed to the "Traditional" section under "The Yolk" (again with the fancy names). The "Traditional" is 2 eggs any style, an English muffin and seasoned country potatoes. It also comes with the option of bacon, sausage, or some other things. Obviously, I took my 2 eggs scrambled, the English muffins, seasoned potatoes, and bacon AND sausage.

The eggs were as good as you'd expect eggs to be. The seasoned potatoes were delicious. I didn't really expect to eat much of them, but nearly cleaned the plate. The bacon is baked, so it's "healthier", but it was some of the best restaurant bacon I've ever had. As for the sausage, it might very well be the best sausage I've ever had. Dawn got sausage with hers, and the second we both took our first bite we looked at each other and said "holy crap that's good."

We usually try not to order the same thing, so I can have more to talk about, but we didn't, so shoot me. I can only grade this on the 1 dish we each tried, so if the rest of their menu is like this ... it'll be worth taking the time to read all those big fancy words once they open in Greenville.

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