Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: Red Bone Alley, Florence, SC

We were leaving our annual family beach trip and my parents told us to find something to eat on the way home. Thanks to this invention called Google, Dawn found Red Bone Alley in Florence.

Once we pulled up I realized why she wanted to go there ... they have a dog in their logo.

As you walk up, the building leaves some to be desired. It's a plan brick building with a neon sign and awning. What you can't see is that it does have a corner sign as well.

Once you walk in, it immediately turns into one of the coolest restaurants I've ever walked into. Instead of walking into a building, it's like you've walked out into main street of a classic southern downtown.

Complete with ice cream truck and the cutest ice cream server ever (my niece).

I had the "Jacked Up Mac N' Cheese". It comes with grilled chicken, sauteed button mushrooms (which i didn't get) and penne pasta mixed with their 5 cheese sauce and crumbled pancetta bacon. If you just read that and thought "dang, that sounds amazing." Well, it was. I couldn't finish it all, but I made sure I ate all the meat before we left. It made for a very uncomfortable drive home with that full of a belly.

The wifey went for the Roasted Chicken BLT and a side of cheese grits. The BLT has a "16 spice roasted chicken, griddled bacon, romaine lettuce and friend green tomatoes, slathered with jalapeno pimento cheese all in a toasted Brioche bun."

If you read that, and looked at the picture and thought "dang, that sounds amazing too and there's no way I could finish it." Well, it was and she didn't. She wanted to take half of it home with us, but we still had at least 3 hours in the car (then add in the 50 bathroom breaks ...), so it wouldn't have been a good idea.

If you want some great food that's really not that pricey and are in the area. Take the trip. It will be well worth it. You get a very scenic drive ... and some amazing food.

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