Monday, December 29, 2014

K&N Air Intake For Ann

In my attempt at capturing my man card back from my table runner post. I've recently installed a K&N Air Intake system for my truck.

Thanks to YouTube, I was able to slowly walk through this. The disassembly was a lot easier than putting everything back together.

If you have the idea to do the same and install your own, make sure you have an 11mm wrench and/or socket. Every single nut and bolt was 11mm, and I had a 9mm and 13mm that clearly wouldn't work.

After a couple of scrapped knuckles, I was finally able to use some pliers enough to piece the kit together and have it fully installed.

I read multiple reviews saying it will not only increase horsepower, but will also add 1-2 miles per gallon for your gas. I haven't driven it enough to confirm or deny that it does, but it's at least shiny and that's what us guys like, right?

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