Friday, July 10, 2015

4th of July 2k15

Similar to our Christmas Eve Steaks have become a tradition, our 4th of July Celebration isn't complete without hotdogs.

If you follow my Facebook page (I feel cool, I just linked 3 things in 2 sentences), you saw the spiral hotdogs a few days ago. I figured I would give that a try this year, but didn't want to stop there.

Got some thick cut bacon precooked in a pan.

While that was going, I added some Patriotic Rub to my crinkle fries and the wifey's sweet potato fries.

She didn't want her boring turkey dogs spiraled, so I just did my Ball Park bun length franks. You know what Michael Jordan says ... "It's just not Summer, till you've had your Ball Park franks."

Ok, back to business. So I took the precooked bacon and wrapped it around by dogs, holding it with some toothpicks (tip, wrap the toothpicks with tin foil so they won't catch on fire). I think did something completely wild and crazy ... I sprinkled the Patriotic Rub on top of the dogs.

(The bacon and seasoning were my wife's idea....because she's amazing.)
(You can probably figure out who wanted that line in here.)

The only way to make this picture more American, is to have the bottle filled with British tears.

Brought the dogs in and added a little cheese to the top. She also added some chili to hers.

I sprinkled some shredded cheddar jack on top of mine and left it alone.

I don't know if it was the spiral, the bacon, the rub, or the cheese that made these amazing ... but these were some of the best hotdogs I've ever made.

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