Saturday, July 4, 2015

God Bless America

America is in trouble. She is divided like never before, and is being torn apart from the inside out. I'm not talking about politics here. I'm talking about the American Dream. The American way of life.

(Potentially the greatest, non-official, patriotic song ever written)

While I watch the news, I see people complaining because they want $15 an hour for an entry level job, they want more government assistance so they can kick back and do nothing, and they blame others for their failures in marriage, work, and every other aspect of life.

While watching the same news, I see interviews with people that move to America with just the clothes on their back. They drive to become American citizens as quickly as possible. They don't look for hand outs. They work their fingers to the bone and put it on themselves to achieve success. They have more pride in America and what she stands for than a lot of people born in America.

What happened to the days where people were proud to wake up every day and go to work and put in an honest days work? What happened to the days where you worked harder if you felt like you were owed more in career and pay? What happened to the days where people were held accountable for their own actions and we didn't allow them to blame others, and we surely didn't help them pass the buck?

America became a nation 237 years ago today thanks to countless men who fought and gave their lives for this nation. They didn't do that for a flag, plot of dirt, or to be "cool" with the ladies. They did it for freedom. They did it for my freedom. This country is now failing, because there are millions that wake up spoiled by freedom every single morning. It doesn't necessarily make them wrong to be spoiled by freedom. After all, I'm sure those that fought to make this country dreamed that one day Americans would wake up and their biggest worry would be what picture to use as their new profile picture.

(I couldn't do a post with music, and not include Elvis)

What scares me the most about the future of America, is that I think too many have gotten complacent and just assume we'll always be free because, to them, we always have been so what's to worry?

America needs help right now. America needs more patriots. Now, I'm not saying everyone needs to run out and join the military. While I will be forever grateful to every man and woman that has sacrificed their time, their youth, and sometimes their lives, that's not the definition of a patriot. A patriot is someone that has passion for their country and is prepared to defend it against all enemies. Again, I'm not saying run out and join a militia against the government (I'm not telling you not to either). A patriot is someone that is willing to sacrifice for their country. That doesn't mean that it has to be in battle. Simply refusing to sit at home and be dependent of others, and instead, going out and getting a job to better yourself, your family, and the economy, is a patriot. When you fail, if you pick yourself up and say, "I'll do better next time", that's being a patriot. Shooting for and achieving the American Dream, is one of the most patriotic things any American could do.

(While we're talking about patriots, how about The Patriot. Not only was his gimmick one of my favorites, he's also a former South Carolina Gamecock football player.)

On this 4th of July, grill your hotdogs and hamburgs, crank up the radio, hang out on the lake, drink a bunch of beers, but make sure you have an American flag flying near by. For the past 239 years, the world has envied the United States of America and what she stands for. We need to do our part to make sure that our generation isn't the one that brings her to her knees. There are MILLIONS of people on this Earth that would give anything to be able to call themselves Americans. I'm PROUD to be an American, and I will do absolutely everything in my power to help keep her free.

(If you're ever able to go to an Atlanta Braves home game, go on a Sunday. Timothy Miller is a member of the Atlanta Opera, and he's worth the price of admission.)

Happy 4th of July everyone, and

(One of the best vocal groups singing the most beautiful song ever at America's past time)

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