Wednesday, September 6, 2017

3rd Annual BrewBQ - Harrah's Cherokee Casino

For one of my birthday presents, D got us tickets to see Aaron Lewis at Harrah's Cherokee Casino, and before the show, tickets to the 3rd Annual BrewBQ.

The event was a little smaller than we anticipated, and from the comments that we over heard from others that had been in previous years, it was the smallest event they've had so far.

Let's be real though, size doesn't matter when beer and BBQ are involved.

First up was baked beans and brisket from Haywood Smokehouse. You can not go wrong with baked beans with brisket chunks. As for the brisket. It's close to the best brisket I've ever had. If they would have turned their head, I would have stolen their supply and ran off with it.

Next down the walkway was Luella's BBQ. Now, we've actually been to Luella's a few times, I've just been too slack to get the review posted. With that said, it's all good. If you're in Asheville and want some BBQ, check them out.

For the event, they had ... well, just look at the pic. The rib was amazing, but the mac and cheese with the bacon ... I ate mine and half of hers. The green onions has no place on anything. People, nobody cares about "color". Stop putting that crap on stuff. It adds nothing.

When somebody leaves a pit open, you have to take a peek.

The final vendor (told you it was thin) was Saucy Pig. This was your nothing fancy, but dang good BBQ sandwich. The sauce was definitely the star of the show.

Again, they needed more vendors, but the ones they had were all killer. My only complaint was that I only had 1 set of tickets.

If you bought the beer tickets you got all the beer you wanted ... but there's a catch. You can only drink it one shot at a time.

With beer and BBQ consumed, it was time for the show.

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