Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My G/F Is Going To Kill Me

So, Dawn has been telling me that I'm going a little too "spend happy" since I've gotten my new job (although I haven't started it yet). I tell her, it's not blowing money if I NEED all of what I'm buying. As a gift to myself (and to everyone that will be eating the food this helps make). I made a purchase of a few more rubs (I won't mention that this isn't all of them, and the rest still hasn't arrived SSHHHH).

I ran out of my Plowboys Yardbird Sunday while making my Farewell Ribs, so the order of that was a DEFINITE necessity. The rest I purchased due to the overwhelmingly huge following on the Brethren. From day one I've heard praise after praise for Simply Marvelous. Don't worry, these will be put to the test ... SOON.

1 comment:

  1. I bought their 5 or 6 spice bundle a few months ago - I've been enjoying their lineup of spices as well. I've done ribs and pork butt with them, oh and a few turkeys too. enjoy...