Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Time To EXPAND

Dawn's whole thing has been I can't have a new smoker until she gets her "something shiny". Well, she's got her something shiny so I've ordered my new smoker. It still has about a week till it should be ready, but she's on the way. Dawn already has plans to go out of town with a girlfriend to go wedding dress shopping (for the friend not Dawn ... this trip) for the 25th. Therefore, I will be having an all day smokefest on my new Lang 36 Original Patio smoker.

No worries, there will be PLENTY of pictures of my new smoker once it arrives. There will also be a special introduction of Leroy The Angel Pig.

I also have a new Maverick remote thermometer that I'll be able to break in at the same time.

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