Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Review: Allen and Son Barbecue

On the way home from our Raleigh trip, my boss and I stopped at Allen and Son Barbecue. I've heard nothing but good things about it, so when I spotted that it was near by, it was a must that we go. 

The GPS was weird for the location we went to. It has you turn back on this sharp turn, and then says it a little ways up the road. However, it's actually on the corner of that fork in the road. 

As soon as we walked in and sat down, I couldn't help but notice the gigantic cast iron pan. Just imagine the cornbread you could make in that bad boy. 

My boss and I both went for the pulled pork plates. No matter what, it comes with slaw and fries on the side. 

The pork, flavor, and sauce was very similar to that at Scott's BBQ. Wait, did I just compare someone else's BBQ to the place that I say could be the best ever? Yep! The sauce was a little more on the vinegar side than Scott's was, so I can't say it's as good or better, but the flavors were all very similar. They both half a little heat built in, but not enough to light you on fire. 

The fries were good, and the slaw ... I didn't touch, but the sweet tea was amazing. Again, I'm not a huge sweat tea drinker, so when I want to bath in it, it must be pretty dang good. I snuck in a chocolate chunk cookie before we left too, and it was just as good as you would expect. 

If you're ever near Raleigh, or any of their other locations, make sure to check out Allen and Son ... you won't be disappointed. 

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