Thursday, October 17, 2013

Review: Chuy's

Dawn and I were going to an early afternoon movie, so we thought we'd try out the new Tex-Mex restaurant in town. I didn't realize till I visited their website that they have an Elvis section in every restaurant. I noticed the Elvis items on the menu, but didn't see the section. 

The chips and salsa were very good, a little bit of spice, but good. They went very good with the Dos Equis we ordered to wash it down with. 

I always have to have cheese dip to go with my fajitas. It came out before our food did, and I was a bit thrown back when it was orange. I've been to a few places before with orange cheese instead of white, but it's definitely not the norm. As you can see in the picture, it had a little heat to it as well. 

We were sat at the world's tiniest table (I can't confirm this to be true. There wasn't any form of certification to prove this, but it surely seemed like it was.), so the fajita set up took up nearly the entire table. 

Although the pictures have a yellow tent to them, the food was really good. Everything was jam packed with flavor, and the spices were enough to open up the sinuses. The tortilla shells were fresh and homemade and delicious. 

All of the food was amazing, the decor was cool, the beer was cold (uh oh, you know what's coming don't you) ... BUT ... the check came and wowzers was it not cheap. We ordered the Chicken Fajitas for 2, 2 beers, and a cheese dip, and it was $10-$15 more than any other Mexican restaurant we've been to. I don't know that it's enough to keep us away forever, but it's enough to keep us from being regulars.  

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