Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Weekend Road Trip ... Review: Switzerland Cafe

I told Dawn months ago, that for my birthday, I wanted to take a road trip one day and try out a new BBQ spot. We started looking in SC, NC, and even GA for a spot to try out. 

SC raves about their "BBQ Trail", but it's a joke. It's nothing but a map with over 200 restaurants listed. You don't have to be anything special, just serve BBQ and they'll put your name on the "trail". As much as it pains me to say it, NC wins when it comes to the BBQ Trail. They have an actual trail that you can follow and it basically goes from one side of their state to the other, and only highlights 23 joints along the way.

We were down between Bridges Barbecue Lodge in Shelby, NC and Switzerland Cafe in Little Switzerland, NC. I actually decided to go with Bridges Barbecue, but unfortunately they were closed for the holidays. 

Little Switzerland is this little town up in the mountains, and is absolutely gorgeous. We got up there around 1 and sat out on the deck to enjoy the sunny and 75 degree weather.

Switzerland Cafe is featured on the BBQ Trail, but doesn't have a huge selection of BBQ. They have a 3 page menu, but only have pulled pork. We both ordered the pulled pork sandwiches. I got the kettle chips and she got the potato salad.  

The pork had great flavor, the buns were incredible, and the kettle chips were amazing (Dawn said the potato salad was really good too). I definitely understand why they're on the BBQ Trail. It was a really good BBQ sandwich, and that was exactly what I was wanting. 

As we were leaving, we cut through the bar section to see the view on the other side and as I turned the corner I saw this ... 

I love any place that puts Gamecock stuff on their walls. However, any place in North Carolina that has South Carolina Gamecocks stuff on their walls is just awesome. 

Switzerland Cafe also has some mall little shops connected to it. They're not all that amazing, but the cement barrier to stop cars is. 

We decided to stop by Asheville on the drive home, and my lovely wonderful wife thought we should take the Blue Ridge Parkway back down. If you're not familiar with the Blue Ridge Parkway, it's a very famous stretch of road that curves up through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thousands of people travel to the area in the Fall to drive it and look at the changing colors of the leaves in the mountains. It's a beautiful ... long ... curvy ... long ... slow speed ... long ... barely 2 lanes ... long ... slow ... long ... annoying ... beautiful stretch of road.

The BBQ was good, the sides were good, the buns were good ...

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