Friday, August 8, 2014

First Ever Catering Event/Corporate Event At The Range

I work for an IT solutions provider (NWN, if you need anything, let me know), so we're always having some type of corporate event. I was having a casual conversation with one of our vendor reps and made the comment that we needed to have a gun range event. He used to do pyrotechnics for Hollywood, so he responded with "get the information together and I'll pay for it."

As I was speaking to our marketing director she asked what were we going to do for food? Word has gotten around through our corporation that I do BBQ, so she then asked "would this be something you could cook for?" We guesstimated around 30-40 people, so I said sure, I can do the BBQ and have Dawn do some baked beans and mac 'n' cheese. 

Dawn's super amazingly awesome top secret baked beans in the making.

I did 3 butts totaling around 30lbs pre-cook. Everything really kind of worked out perfectly. The pork, mac, and beans each filled 2 trays. We threw in some chips on the side in case someone may not like beans or mac (I would say who wouldn't like either of those, but one of the customers didn't eat BBQ ...?)

We even threw together a home-made sweet sauce to go with our hot sauce we had. 

I had nearly every customer, vendor rep, and coworker approach me at some point during the event to tell me thanks and how great the food was. Dawn doesn't believe me, but I told each and every one that my wife was the one that made the sides.

Ok, so now to good stuff. We set up the event so everyone could bring their own personal guns and fire a couple down range. Little did we know that some of our customers had some rather nice weapons.

There were a couple of AR's in the house ... 

But my absolute favorite was the SCAR. Back in my younger (non-married) days, I used to really be into Call of Duty. I had my clan that I would play with nearly every night, and not to brag but ... we were pretty daggum good. I had fairly good accuracy, so I didn't need a gun that had rapid fire. I needed a gun that had stopping power, and the SCAR definitely had that. Since then, I've wanted to shoot one for real to see what it really was like.

I was in my lane sending a couple rounds with my Glock and all of a sudden I hear a BOOM ... BOOM ... BOOM!!!!! Everyone in the entire range stops what they're doing to walk over to see what in the heck was making that sound. Once he finished, he turns around and I look at him like a 12 year old girl at a teeny bopper concert and say "Is that a SCAR?" He looks back with a grin like a 12 year old boy that just saw his first dirty magazine and said "Yeah, it just came in yesterday. That was the first time I've ever shot it." After we both giggled for a second he looks back and says, "You want to give it a turn?"

What followed was an absolute dream come true (if you couldn't tell from the cheesy smile in the picture below).

Call of Duty had some installments that were based in the World War II area. One of the guns that I used and owned fools in those games was the MP40. After putting a couple of mags through my Glock 19 (and a round or 2 with the SCAR, I walked over to the bay that the range had set up for us with some of their guns they have for rent. I went to the very last lane, look down, look up at the instructor and ask, "Is that a fully auto MP40?" He smirked a little and simply said, "Yeah, want to shoot it?"

I definitely didn't miss my chance at that.

As the event died down a little, the vendor that funded it also brought his personal custom FNS-40 with holographic sight. FNH also manufactures the SCAR, and has a huge plant in Columbia, SC. We had a little competition between myself, him, my boss, and a 2 others with the zombie splatter targets. I don't know if we really determined a winner, but you see that big missing piece in the side of the zombie's head? That's 5 consecutive rounds fired in a very tight cluster.

All in all, I'd say it was one of the best corporate events EVAR!!!!!

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