Monday, August 25, 2014

Rhett's First "Mutt Strut"

This isn't a "real" post, it's basically just me showing off Rhett ... and that's ok.

So lets begin. Dawn signed us up for the "Mutt Strut". It's a race/event to help raise money for the local Greenville Humane Society. It's $25 a person to enter, but you get a free shirt and pizza so it's not all bad. The race is a 2 mile course and they have vendors set up at the finish line with dog treats and all kinds of mess. The event raised $48,675 per their website.

We were going to all wear Carolina jerseys, but couldn't find one for the little man, so we oped to just go to the t-shirt route.

Just before we started.

Rhett refused to have his picture taken.

We walk about a mile around the house, so we weren't too sure how he'd do with the extra mile. Well, he completed the entire 2 mile course only stopping for a few water breaks. 

He got his treats, so on the way home mommy and daddy stopped by Krispy Kreme and got a doughnut each. (It's ok, we just walked 2 miles, that totally worked off half a bite)

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