Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review - Yard House, Greenville, SC

We decided to actually try Yard House out, one of the new restaurants (of what feels like 2 million) to join Magnolia Park, fairly early in their existence here. We tend to allow a new place a month or so before we venture to them, so they can work all the kinks out, but they have a really awesome beer menu.

Surprise, I ordered their BBQ Bacon Burger with a side of fries. I wasn't sure how the sauce would be, so I asked for it on the side. Turns out, the sauce is great on fries, so we both used it to dip into. The burger was cooked how I requested, and tasted great (I mean, you have to try to mess up a bacon cheeseburger).

The Mrs. went with the Carnitas Tacos with no guacamole and no pineapple (because that's just weird). Like my dinner, everything was very good.

We noticed on the dessert menu that they had a S'mores Brownie. I love brownies and she loves s'mores, so on my way to the restroom, I told the waitress to bring us one ... you know, kind of a little surprise to the wifey.

It came out and looked amazing. If you're curious how it tasted, just look at the next picture.

It wasn't expensive, but its a little more pricey than "average", so it may not turn into a regular stop for us, but we'll be going more than on special occasions.

If the rest of the new additions to Magnolia Park are anywhere close to Yard House (and what we know already of Another Broken Egg Cafe), the traffic nightmare MIGHT be worth it once you're ever able to make it to your destination.

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