Tuesday, February 24, 2015

"And Hell Yes I Love My Truck ..."

So, I had this big huge post put together with my life history of cars and blah blah blah, but lets be honest. This is a post about a truck. It doesn't need a mile long story.

Long story short, perks of my wife working in the automotive industry ... I was able to get a hook up on a new '14 Dodge RAM Laramie. The toughest part about this was having to wait 2 months for it to be built and delivered. Although I was having to wait for 2 months, that didn't stop me from buying side steps and a K&N Air Intake for it.

Dawn came home and I was in my game room, so I didn't hear her pull in or anything. I walked into the living room and she all dramatically tosses me the keys (apparently there's no real life slo-mo, but that would have been cool). I'm sure I stood there for nearly a minute before I even moved. Walked out the garage to this bad girl.

I originally wanted the solid "Deep Cherry Red", but when it was delivered there were a few issues with it. I wasn't completely sold on the two-tone, so I had to park them in front of each other to compare over the weekend. 

I decided to keep the two-tone, and installed the side steps that weekend. After the steps went on, I took her back home and gave her a full cleaning. Ladies, every man knows that when he brings home a new toy he has to either give it a complete spit shine or run it through the mud. We have no decision in the matter, it has to happen.

Next up was to get the windows tented. I went as far as the law would allow on the front, and uummm, a little darker on the back.

Thanks to the truck being delivered to another location, it had 342 miles when I got my hands on it. One morning heading to work I looked down and noticed it was feeling patriotic that day.
(Note the 0 MPH to show that I was stopped while taking this picture)

After a few weeks, I added the tonaue cover and installed my K&N Air Intake system.

I finally got to break in the bed and haul Christmas trees to my mother-in-law's and a 10 foot beast to our house.

The only other additions I've made, so far, is my front plate and my stickers. I have my Gamecock Block C, skull with 2A for 2nd Amendment, and 2 American Flags in the upper corners. What those stickers tell, is that I'm proud to be from South Carolina, an American, and everything that comes with it.

And today, Anna (Ann for short (named after redheads Anna Kendrick and Ann Margret)) gets to enjoy her first snow.

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  1. Glad to see that someone else names his truck too! My husband calls his new Dodge truck Betty. This post was a good reminder that I planned to get his windows tinted for his next birthday present. I really like your idea of tinting the back truck windows just a shade darker than the front ones. Enjoy your new ride!

    Natashia Winters @ Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport