Monday, December 26, 2011

Day After Christmas Ribs

This will be my first post as I go post, so lets get 'er underway. As I said earlier, I've been craving my OWN ribs for a few weeks now, so what better time than Christmas break.

I once again decided to reach into my Tasty Licks sample pack and go with the Ribit Rib Rub. However, with the ribs being the size they are. I was forced to go with two separate packs. Dawn picked the Smokin' Good BBQ Rub for the second half.

I used my new Parring Knife (out of my 3 piece set Dawn's mother gave me for Christmas) to do the trimming and prep work. I left a little more fat that I usually do. Johnny Trigg talks about how he likes leaving most of the fat, because it's the main flavor source. I trimmed off the big hunks, but left the rest.

Before the ribs went in. I decided to take put all of my BBQ/Cooking related Christmas presents together for a family photo haha. Not pictured is the 3 piece set of knives (they were in the dish washer already)

Everything is preheated, and the ribs are now going in at 1:45.

The ribs have been cooking for 3 hours, and around every hour I've added Apple Juice or (a potential new secret weapon) Stubb's Bar-B-Q Baste. The first hour was the AJ the second Stubb's, and then at hour 3 I lined the foil with AJ and coated again with Stubb's.

The Rib's are out of the foil, and have another coating of Stubb's for the final stage. They've been out for about 20 minutes now and I'm deciding if I want to add sauce or try the flavors the way they are now ... they'll probably stay for another 20 minutes or so.

HOLY COW!!!!! I just made the perfect ribs. I've made juicy tender ribs before, but these were PERFECT. Pictures to come shortly ....

Here's the ribs as they just came off the rack

Plated with Dawn's homemade oven fries (which were AMAZING) ... and a lil Jack

They say a perfect rib is when you can bite into it and leave your mouth impression in the meat ... well ... here ya go ...

The aftermath of my plate ... nothing but clean bones and dirty napkins. A perfectly cooked perfect dinner to a perfect Christmas weekend.


  1. So what was the total cook time in and out of foil?

  2. Overall cook time was right around 5 - 5 1/2 hours. They went in 1:45 and I pulled them off around 7 - 7:15.

    They were in for 2 hours and 45 minutes before I foiled them. We were about to watch a movie, so I foiled them a few minutes earlier than the full 3 hours most people suggest. I left them in the foil for a solid 2 hours before removing them. Once they were out of the foil they cooked another 45 minutes, but my temp was slowly falling.

    I cooked them around 280-290 most of the cook, but once they came out of the foil my temp was closer to 250 and then 220 by the time I was pulling them out.

  3. Man Cack those Ribs look so damn tasty! Good job. Your making me want to busy out the grill.

  4. Dawn has nice fingers