Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ribs take 1

So my first ever attempt at ribs was ... well ... an expected noobie rib.

I started out cutting the membrane and extra fat off. Once the ribs were clean, I added some home made rub.

Once the rub had time to set in, and I preheated the smoker. It was time for the ribs to go in the smoker.

I used my new fancy digital meat thermometer, but found out later that this isn't as simple as placing the probe in. (Ribs are next to impossible to get an accurate reading on due to the bones being so close to where the probe would be.

I didn't do any foil, and around 30 minutes before I removed the ribs I added ... Sticky Fingers BBQ sauce.

Once they were plated another coat of sauce was needed (because in the South, you can never have too much sauce).


  1. Is that a hasselback potato w/the ribs, ribs look awesome, goodluck

  2. It was called an Armadillo Potato in the recipe we found.

  3. They are delicious! Here's a link to the recipe, courtesy of Rachel Ray :-)