Friday, December 9, 2011

Ribs Take 3

The saying goes, the 3rd time is the charm. Well, that is absolutely what happened here. Since the Plowboys was so deliscious on the tough ribs the last time. I used it again for a better comparison from cook to cook.  

I don't have any cook pictures from this run, but I had these in the smoker around 280-300 for 3 hours. Every hour or so, I would open the smoker and give the ribs a nice cover of Apple Juice. After 3 hours I pulled the ribs out, and wrapped them in HD Foil (adding Apple Juice to the inside of the foil for moisture). The ribs cooked in the foil for close to 2 hours before they came out to finish cooking. I added the ribs back to the smoker with another coat for Apple Juice. They sat in there for approximately 30 minutes before I added Stubb's Spicy BBQ sauce and Sticky Fingers Carolina Sweet sauce. Needless to say ... these are by far the best ribs that have came off my smoker. They were a tad big over cooked (too fall off the bone), but far from bad.


  1. I had my first run at ribs Saturday in my New Smoker. Not very good but I learned a lot.

  2. From my short time BBQing (but long time grilling) you will ALWAYS learn something new.

    What was the problem? If they were dry, I'd get a spray bottle and coat them in Apple Juice at least every hour. If they were tough, cook longer. If they fell apart, cook less.

    A trick to check tenderness before you pull them out is the toothpick test. Just like a cake, stick a toothpick in between the bones and the easier it slides out more tender they'll be.