Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cack Fall Down And Go Boom

If you're wondering why one would have an outdoor cooking blog and not have a single upload for Memorial Day. Well, first thing Saturday morning I had a bit of an accident. I went to the restroom and had a slight "fall". Dawn came running in the restroom once she heard the crash. I explained to her how I just got up too fast and was dizzy but I'm fine. I've since told her that I only remember the first few seconds of that conversation, because I was OUT. I got around her and was heading back to the bed when the lights went completely out. I went down and face first into the solid wooden bed frame.

She immediately called 911, and we spent the next numerous hours having every type of heart and brain scan you can think of. The good news in, they're saying the blackout was due to "vageling". Which from everything that I got. I jumped out of bed too quickly and the blood didn't get to my brain quick enough and that caused me to get off balanced. That's when I was able to catch myself, but didn't completely recover before I decided I was fine and could move along.

Day 3 the swelling and coloring really started kicking in. The pain wasn't that bad, because the swelling was really keeping it back. The swelling was uncomfortable, but nothing really MAJOR.

Day 5 I was able to get my stitches out, and set a surgery date. As you can see the color is REALLY showing it's "face" now.

Surgery is set for Tuesday June 5th. They're expecting multiple pins and plates, and possibly a few stints. They're also talking about maybe (which I'm REALLY hoping not) wiring my mouth shut, so everything will be as stationary as possible.

So tonight went straight down the crapper. I've learned that the Dr had Tuesday open for surgery, but between the 3 possible hospitals. They couldn't find a single room until NEXT Monday the 11th. Surgery is set for Monday at 12:30. Looks like I'll be spending the night in the hospital.

Also, while eating dinner (soup) I realized 2 of my teeth on the upper left side felt funny. I went to investigate and they were chipped ... Hello gutter, I'm hanging out in you.

Day 10 ... So I've since found out that the Dr has in his notes that he may have to wire my mouth for surgery, but he expects to be able to cut those wires by time that I go home. I'm honestly OK with the idea of spending the first night in the Hospital. With so much going on with my air ways. I feel more comfortable with machines monitoring me to make sure I'm actually breathing.

The weekend went pretty well. We went and saw MIB 3 (which is possibly the best of the series), and picked up a few items for my game room.

My final scab came off on my nose, and it doesn't look AS BAD as I was expecting. We've already began putting some scare fixer upper medicine on it, so hopefully in time it'll "go away."

Yesterday I went to my dentist and he did xrays for his own curiosity, and mentioned that everything looks normal so that's good news. He also was able to grind down my chipped teeth, so that makes me feel a LOT better now. He told me he could grind down the other side, or I could get braces to pull these teeth down a hair so everything is even (length wise). I told him that I could careless about them being even at this point. I was just ready to be fixed.


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