Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Interstate BBQ vs. Rendezvous

As a new "feature" of my blog. I'm going to start doing food reviews here as well. I've been asked my opinion on a lot of local BBQ restaurants on Facebook and CockyTalk, so I thought why not expand my opinion to my blog.

Dawn and I travel a good bit. Although it's mostly to places like Hotlanta, Chucktown, and Charlotte (sorry, no cool name for there), but we also venture out further at times. Wherever we go we always try to find a new place to eat. Maybe a place that we've heard was good or has been on TV that's supposed to be "soo great".

During our trip to Memphis In May I requested that we try Interstate BBQ and Rendezvous to see who really has the best BBQ between the two. For those that don't know. In the BBQ world there's the big debate of sauced or dry ribs. Interstate sauces theirs while Rendezvous does theirs dry.

After suffering through ... I mean ... After a wonderful day at the Memphis Zoo we went to lunch at Interstate BBQ. (For anyone traveling to Memphis. I would HIGHLY recommend visiting Interstate during the day. There are some pretty rough parts of Memphis and Interstate BBQ is right on the boundary line.) I, of course, ordered the Ribs and Dawn order some sampler plate. The ribs and the sauce were AWESOME. I tried a bite or two of Dawn's plate to see how the pulled pork was. It was good, but didn't really blow me away. (The brisket was the bombdiggady)

They made me walk 500 more miles ... wait, I mean ... After touring the wonderful city of Memphis some more we parked it for dinner at Rendezvous (yes, both in the same day).

The ribs came out and looked delicious. I've never eaten straight up dry ribs before, so I wasn't sure how I'd like them.

The flavor was off the chain, but the ribs themselves were a little tough and they don't remove the membrane before cooking, so it was hard to eat.

After a bone or two I decided I had to go with sauce. I tried dry, and it just wasn't my thing. I look up and they have their sweet sauce. I grab it and put it by my plate (this was before I ate the first ones). Dawn picks it up and uses it for hers (we do a mix of spicy and hot due to a "mess up" I had in Nashville when I put spicy on my sandwich accidentally and covered it with sweet). Once I decided to do the sauce I didn't pay attention to which bottle I grabbed. I just grabbed the bottle that was in the spot that I had placed the sweet ......... it wasn't the sweet.

After COVERING my ribs with HOT I try to save it by scrapping some of it off and covering it with sweet ... it didn't work. What you're about to witness is what happens when you eat a full rack of ribs covered in hot sauce (Dawn said I couldn't finish them all. Every guy reading this knows ... THAT MEANS WAR)

After it was all said and done, in the battle of Interstate vs Rendezvous the winner is ........... well it really depends what you want. If you want ribs I would say Interstate. If you want pulled pork I would go with Rendezvous.

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