Monday, December 10, 2012

Memphis In May BBQ Championship

I've been meaning to post these for a while now, but have been slack. I wasn't able to post them after the event. Since SOMEBODY had to go and fall and need surgery (this was the week before).

For those that don't know. Memphis in May is a month long event and each week highlights different "attractions". I don't know what each week is, but one is a music festival and another is a World Championship BBQ Competition that attracts teams from all over the world.

BBQ Comps are a whole other beast from cooking on the weekends. For some of these people, this is their job. I went through and took some pictures of some of our favorite "tents" that these teams had.

When they loaded they didn't load in order. So some of these may bounce around.

Notice the (at the time) brand new BLACK BBQ Brethren flag on the left.

When I talk about "I used Myron Mixon's ..." this is the guy I'm talking about. In his own words, he's the "Winningest Son of a B&$% in BBQ."

I just got a kick out of these cops caring a beach umbrella.

I had to get a picture of our fellow South Carolinians

Yes, people even brought pools and couches to lounge in. When this picture was taken that pool was looking VERY inviting. It was just shy of 100 degrees that day.

I believe this team was from Norway to join in the comp.

A good friend of mine is a lawyer, so when I saw this I had to take picture for him.

Another Brethren members team.

As we were walking on the back side someone (not me) had written Go Gamecocks on the side walk. Gamecock Nation is spreading.

Team Too Sauced To Pork's set up. These people (and the rest of the Brethren) are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. The ABTs that I made during Jessica's first cook came from our experience here this day ... along with the idea to grill pound cake (wipes the drool from my lip).

This is the view from the front entrance. As long as this line of teams looks ... it kept going AT LEAST 3 times this long. I believe they were estimating around a full mile of teams.

This is where the competition bug bit me and I hope that one day Piggin' Ain't Easy will be able to be on the level to compete against these guys and gals.

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