Friday, December 28, 2012

Santa Hates Vegetarians

If my birthday or some other gift giving holiday is near, and you're wondering what to get me. You can't ever go wrong with some food or cooking related. Even if I already have it. I could probably always use a new one. 

This years cooking and food related Christmas gifts are below, and yes, that means new foods/flavors to try out in the new year. 

Apparently when you purchase so much product from Big Poppa Smokers you get a free T Shirt. I, however, get said FREE T Shirt as a separate item (it's ok, because Dawn got a free item as a separate gift as well. I know her tricks by now). 

We've already tried out the 3 Beer sauce. I did 3 Beer rubbed chicken covered in 3 Beer sauce. I must say, I'm a fan of (most) all things beer ... including the rub and sauce. The get the free T Dawn got me the Big Poppa Smokers "Money", "Little Louie's Seasoned Garlic Salt", "Jallelujah Bacon Jalapeno Rub", and "Happy Ending Finishing Rub". Of course the bacon jalapeno rub is sparking up my interest ... and taste buds. 

Oh yeah, and then you have that sack of rub that would make any ATF cop perk up thinking this is some type of brick of drugs. Sorry guy, it's not. It's a 5 POUND bag of Plowboys Yardbird Rub. The funny part is. She swears up and down that she ordered this 2 days before I used my last bit and complained ever since that I was out of it. (I think she knows me pretty well ... maybe too well)

She also got me this bacon candy stuff. Most of it is dark or milk chocolate covered pieces of bacon. I've tried one piece and it was ... ok. I'm not a big pure chocolate fan, so the heavy covering is borderline too much for me. 

Santa was good to me this year. I can't wait to give these new rubs a shot. 

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  1. For the record: You didn't get your Big Poppa Smokers shirt was wrapped with your 5lbs of Plowboys. So there.