Monday, November 4, 2013

Review: Ria's Bluebird, Atlanta GA

We went to Atlanta a few weeks ago, and before we went to the Zoo, I looked up places to eat for Breakfast. We ultimately decided to go to Flying Biscuit Cafe, but I saw a lot of very good reviews for Ria's Bluebird. To our surprise, we actually passed Ria's Bluebird on our way to the Zoo. As we turned passed it I spotted their smoker on the side, and told Dawn that we were definitely going there on our next trip to Atlanta. 

Fast forward to the next trip to Atlanta, and true to my word, we had breakfast at Ria's Bluebird. 

A word to those that may not be familiar with it, Ria's has a very small parking lot, so if you may want to rent a smart car ... or a bicycle. Nah, it's not that small, but it is very snug in there. Plus, you can always park on the side of the street if you need door space (just watch out for crazy Atlanta drivers). 

It was also odd that they had inside and outside eating areas, and although there were 4 empty tables inside once we were sat, others waited outside (on a fairly cool morning) for another 5-10 minutes before being sat. From what I could see, the waitresses were also the hostess, so that may have slowed the seating down a bit. 

Although the smoker drew my/our attention, shockingly enough, neither one of us got anything from it. The only thing on the menu (that we saw) was the Brisket Breakfast. It comes in a tomato broth with 2 eggs poached, so I passed. 

Dawn went with the Early Bird Special with sausage, grits, and an english muffin. She enjoyed everything she got, but really loved the sausage. I actually snuck me a bite and agree, it was very good. 

I had the biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon. I actually ended up crumbling one of the pieces of bacon and adding it to my gravy biscuits. The biscuits were delicious, but the pepper gravy as they call it, was very pepper heavy. I'm talking it was close to being returned because it had so much in there. 

If you're ever in the Atlanta area and looking for another hippie breakfast restaurant (apparently that's all that town has), Ria's Bluebird is another good stop. They even offer vegan options with their "soysage" and spicy tofu cubes as well. 

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  1. I wish you had tried the brisket breakfast. I have been wanting that since I saw Rias on the Food Network.