Friday, November 8, 2013

Review: Del's Twisted Kitchen

Dawn got a Groupon (or one of those things) for Del's Twisted Kitchen, and since it's across the street from the movie theater, we thought we'd try it out beforehand. 

Del's is in the old Jack In The Box/Metro Burger location. The sign is very poorly lit, and kind of hard to read/understand what it is. We had passed by it numerous times, and never realized it was a restaurant that we'd want to try out. 

We sat down around 5:30 and the place was empty. Literally, we were the only people there till 2 other guys walked in. I've always heard, you can tell how a restaurant is depending on how many customers they have, so I was very scared about this ... but hey, we got it on discount. 

Dawn got The Philly Dip with sweet potato fries, and as it came out, it smelled amazing. Before we even started eating, the other guys that walked in asked across the restaurant what she had gotten because it smelled and looked so good. 

The sandwich was "yummy" as she said, but she said the sweet potato fries were some of the best she's ever had in her life.
(Note, check out her reflection in the gravy haha)

I decided to go with Del's Twisted Mac and Cheese. When the plate came out, it didn't really look like I had expected. I was a bit skeptical, but once I took that first bite ... wow. The chicken had just enough spice so you got a little heat, but it wasn't hot enough to make you cry. You smelled the heat more than you tasted it, so it was really good. I kept telling Dawn that I was waiting on the bite that was going to light me on fire. It never came, so I all but finished the plate. 

When the check came, the prices were very reasonable even without the discount we had. I think the problem Del's is having is due to the restaurant being kind of in a "hole" and their signs are very hard to tell that it's an open restaurant. 

I think if they can get some people in the door, they have a really good chance of having a successful business. Right now they're in an old fast food restaurant building, it's hard to see there's anything there, and nobody has heard about it. 

If you're around Woodruff road, and looking for something new and good ... give it a shot.

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