Monday, April 15, 2013

The "Oh Crap" Bacon Wrapped Grilled Shrimp

I named this one The "Oh Crap" cook, because between the two of us, we said "oh crap" no less than 10 times. If it wasn't one thing ... it was another.

I was scrolling through the pages of this month's Smoke Signals Magazine and found these bacon wrapped shrimp on page 28-29 that looked good. As you know, I'm not a huge Seafood fan, but thought bacon around shrimp would have to be good ... well ... Oh Crap. 

First it started with the bacon, I lay it all out and throw it in the oven before I even thought to take picture. Then we realize ... we don't have enough bacon to cover every shrimp.

We bought a bag of deveined Shrimp, so all I had to do was peel the shells off. 

While I was doing that, Dawn cut the jalapenos and cream cheese (yep, Dawn cut the cheese)

Placed one slice of cream cheese and a pepper on one side and then wrapped with the bacon. 

They were oh so pretty about to go on the grill and then the pain the neck started. 

I've never "baked" bacon before, so I wasn't familiar with how it normally comes out. For some reason, it was very greasy and even after cooking on the grill ... wouldn't get crisp. 

The recipe called for indirect heat, but I think it's for a smaller grill, so I ended up having to turn the burners under them on as low as it'd go. 

On the flip, every toothpick became an enemy ... most were burned for their betrayal against my ruling. Others, well, they were just a pain the butt and either fell out or got caught in the grates. 

The wreckage that once was ... 

Added some Thai Sweet Chili sauce to top it off. 

One thing I haven't been able to perfect yet, is bacon wrapped items on the grill. I've smoked ABTs that are wrapped in bacon, but for some reason, I just can't get it to do right on the grill. The bacon was still mushy and greasy and for a guy that doesn't like mush texture ... that is NOT a good combination to go with cream cheese. 

Dawn was able to find some crispy piece here and there and said that she really liked it once she was able to get the crunch with the rest ... Me on the other hand, I forced a few down my throat but that was all I could do. 

I'm sure this would be a whole lot better if it was executed correctly, but I bombed it. 

See, not everything works out ... next time I'll have the Pizza delivery guy's number handy. 

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