Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tools Of The Trade: Simply Marvelous Rubs

If you've ever cooked the first anything from cardboard pizza to a hamburger to a steak to the fanciest of the fancies, you know everything needs the proper seasoning/rub to help enhance the flavor.

When it comes to BBQ rubs, everybody has (says they have) the best. Rubs are just like BBQ in general, as long as it comes out good, and you like it, you did it right. As long as the meat comes out and taste good ... the rubs good. There's really no such thing as a bad rub.

You can ask my fiancee, I've bought and sampled my fair share number of rubs in the past few years, so I feel like I have a good idea of what's really good and what's an OK rub. 

If you're a BBQ noob, I would recommend purchasing a few rubs that are really good to start with. When I first started (and it still happens now) I didn't always make amazing food. Sometimes a rack of ribs or a butt will need to cook longer than the same exact one you cooked last time and you'll be lazy and not check it like you should and it'll be tough. If you use a good rub, the leather you have for dinner will at least have a great flavor to it as you chew on it for 5 minutes.

Simply Marvelous has a line of rubs that are all very good rubs. There full line of rubs include Sweet & Spicy, Season All, Pecan Rub, Cherry Rub, Spicy Apple, Peppered Cow, and Sweet Seduction. 

I've tried the Pecan, Cherry, Sweet & Spicy, and Sweet Seduction, and I can tell you ... every one is amazing. 

Out of the 4 I've tried, Sweet Seduction is probably my favorite with the Pecan coming in a close second (I love all things Pecan so I'm biased). When I've done my rub give-a-ways so far, I've given a sample of the Sweet Seduction to the winners. 

The Cherry and Sweet & Spicy are good as well, but I just haven't used them as much as the other two. 

You don't have to cook BBQ to try rubs. A lot of rubs are good for pork, chicken, and beef or good for two out of the three, so you can try them on different meats to see what the flavor gives to each animal/cut. 

Simply Marvelous has switched up their site, and apparently doesn't sell direct anymore. If you'd like to pick up a bottle or 7 for yourself, you can do so by clicking here.

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