Friday, April 19, 2013

Pork Loin Medallion Samplers

Publix had Pork Loins on sale, so guess what ... we got some. 

We've done the grilled balsamic garlic tenderloin a few times, and it's delicous, but I wanted to do something new. We busted out about 7 cook books to see if there were any ideas there, but didn't find anything that we had all the ingredients to make. Just before I closed the last one, Dawn pointed at one and said "we can try the medallions and just put some rub on them." 

Another problem we reached, is trying to figure out which rub to go with. She went through the BBQ cabinet  and pulled out 3 rubs for me to narrow down, but instead of of picking one, I thought we could just use them all and have a little sampler dinner. 

The 3 rubs we went with were the Flying Swine sampler pack from Tasty Licks, Simply Marvelous' Pecan Rub, and Bear Claw Honey Butt Rub.

Trimmed off the fat. 

These aren't perfect cuts, since the loin wasn't in the best shape ever, but they worked. 

Once everything was cut, we split it up to add the rub. On the ones in the bottom left I did the Pecan Rub, the top left is the Bear Claw, and the four on the right is the Tasty Licks.

The Tasty Licks Flying Swine was our least favorite. It was good, but just didn't have a whole lot of flavor. The Bear Claw Honey Butt Rub came in second for us both as well. It had really good flavor and maybe a hint of heat (either the rub did or some from the potatoes got on mine). Both of us said the Simply Marvelous Pecan Rub was the best of the 3. It had tremendous flavor and really was far above the other two. I don't know how she felt, but there was a huge gap between 1 and 2. 

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