Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Breakfast To Die For (Literally, It'll Give You A Heart Attack)

Rut Row, it's Throwdown time again.

This week's Td, as if you couldn't figure it out from the title, is Breakfast. It's basically an open challenge, meaning you can cook anything you want, it just has to be Breakfast related. The real difficulty here, is to actually cook Breakfast outside on the grill/smoker.

Dawn and I bounced around ideas all last week trying to decide what to do. A few months ago, Dawn's Food Network Magazine (that I got her a subscription for, for Christmas) had a cover story for scratch made Cinnamon Rolls. We've been drooling over those for a while, so this gave us an excuse to give them a shot. 

She's also made me create a Pinterest page for the site (if you don't follow me there, please do here). So, I start searching for Breakfast ideas and find a recipe for Breakfast Kebabs with Apple-Cinnamon BBQ Sauce. The pictures looked more amazing than it sounds. 

Then, at work, I'm talking with a coworker that also does a little BBQing, and the idea for smoked eggs gets thrown out. I didn't think I'd be able to really scramble the eggs in the smoker, so I cooked the eggs on the side burner, and then threw them in the smoker with some charcoal and a Pecan log.

Now, for the kicker, I get to take full credit for this one. I decided to make a play on Hash Browns, and made Breakfast HASH-Browns. The basis of Hash is meat and potatoes, so I took breakfast meats (bacon and sausage), mixed in some pulled pork, and then added some hash browns. 

The night before we began the prep for the cinnamon rolls. 

She had to make sure the milk and water mixture was heated between 100-110 for the yeast to activate correctly.

After it sat for an hour or so (which seemed to be a reoccurring step to this process) she started doing whatever it is you're supposed to do to turn it into dough. 

Once we woke up, Dawn started working the dough and turned it into magical deliciousness.

Note the amazingly awesome new knife ... 

While she's making the cinnamon rolls, I start on the Breakfast Kebabs. You cut ham steak into 1 inch slices (the best you can anyway), cut sausage links into 1 inch pieces, and then take a piece of bacon and weave it between the pieces of sausage and ham. 

They went on the grill around 350 (closer to 400) for 45-50 minutes.

While I was out cooking the kebabs and goodies for the HASH Browns, Dawn made the sauce for the kebabs. She just mixed some Memphis Original with apple jelly and ground cinnamon. 

The Cinnamon Rolls needed to cook for 25-30 minutes, so after the kebabs were on for 15, the rolls joined them on the grill. Periodically, I would rotate the kebabs and cover them with the sauce.

Once I had a second to breathe, I had to get Jessica fired up for the eggs. I take the cover off of her, and see this little booger chilling on the bottom rack. I won't lie ... I jumped out of my boots when I first saw him. 

The bacon for the HASH Browns was cooked first, and then I cooked the sausage in the pan with the bacon fat (everything is better cooked in bacon fat). 

Just a little bit longer, and it'll be time to eat. The kebabs have a beautiful mahogany color from the sauce, and the rolls are starting to brown up just a bit.

It's nearly time to eat, so the rolls are off and Dawn whips up the icing for them. She slops it on, and it turns into some ooy gooy wonderfulness. 

No breakfast is completely without a glass of OJ. We have the cinnamon roll, smoked scramble eggs, breakfast HASH browns, and breakfast kebabs. 

So, how did it all taste? The cinnamon rolls were AMAZING, the smoked eggs were ok ... not sure it's going to be something we do often, but it was different. The breakfast kebabs were delicious, and the sauce was KILLER!!!!!. Although the rest of the breakfast was good, the HASH browns was BY FAR my favorite. The thick cut bacon gave it a nice crunch, while the sausage gave each bite a little kick, but the pulled pork with a potato, blew my socks off. 

All in all, this breakfast took nearly 4 hours to make, but it was worth every single second. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again. 

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  1. yeah, that breakfast will make you 400 lbs before you know it.