Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jamaican-Me Hungry ... For A Hotdog

If you missed the post from our Honeymoon, you need to check it out here, so you'll understand the reason for this hotdog the way it is and named what it is.

As most of my "wild" creation dinners go, this is my entry for the "Let's Do the Tubesteak Boogie!" Throwdown on the Brethren. As soon as I saw the title, I knew exactly what I was going to do ... try to replicate the greatest hotdog in the world. 

I took some unseasoned shoe string fries and covered them with Stubbs Chili Lime Spice Rub and Big Poppa Smoker's Bacon and Jalapeno Rub. Dawn had her usual sweet potato fries.

Last year we bought a "meat pack" from Meat Hub, and while I was searching for the fries I stumbled upon these Brats. I'd forgotten those were in the freezer (which is why I keep telling her we need to make an inventory list), so I pulled them out and thawed them out. Dawn stayed with her turkey dogs.

I shredded fresh pepper jack cheese and added a little mozzarella to the mix.  

Everyone always posts pictures of the kids, pets, or other "cutesy" things to get extra votes, so our newest addition to the pig family, Bob, gets his shot in the spotlight.

Once the Bratwursts were cooked, it was time for assembly. The wiener went on the toasted bun, then some pulled pork in sweet BBQ sauce, and then the pepper jack and mozzarella cheese on top. 

This wasn't the Jamaican Hotdog, but this was one of the most flavorful dogs I've ever had in my life. The peppers in the Brats gave it a little heat and the sweetness of the BBQ sauce countered every bite. The cheese ... well ... cheese makes everything better, and the fries were great too. 

I've always bought Ball Park Franks because of the Michael Jordan commercial "It's not Summer, till you've had your Ball Park Franks." I actually have a pack in the fridge now, but I must say, this may be my new "it's Summer now" meal. 

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