Friday, June 28, 2013

Movie Review: The Heat

I feel like Sandra Bullock has played this character before, but the addition of Melissa McCarthy (one of Dawn's new favorite actresses) gives The Heat a little extra spice. If you've ever seen a McCarthy movie then you probably know what spice I'm talking about. If you've been under a rock and haven't seen on, well, she's hilarious and you're definitely missing out. 

What makes this movie so good is the action mixed in with the, what I will call, literal comedy. What I mean by that is when Bullock and McCarthy are holding the drug dealer over the balcony to get information out of him, but then they're not able to pull him back up. Another good example, is when Bullock is interrogating a suspect and McCarthy, literally, throws the book and hits the suspect in the face. The whole movie is jammed pack with action and laughs. 

I do have you warn you though. If your easily offended, or not a fan of extreme language ... you may not like it. One of the story lines is how clean cut Bullock's character is, and how "non polished" McCarthy's is. 

I definitely recommend this movie to anyone that wants a good laugh. 

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