Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Early Christmas Present

I guess it's a little late to have a post about an early Christmas present, but, oh well.

One of our traditions is to do New York Strips on Christmas Eve. We'll usual go splurge a little and go for the grass fed, fancy strips. This year Dawn surprised me, and ordered us some Omaha Steaks New York Strips and Filet Mignons.

Once the strips thawed (I usually say de-thawed just to drive Dawn crazy haha), I added some woreshishire, vinegar, and Big Poppa's Steak Rub.

"Hey daddy, are you cooking my dinner?"

I'm a hot and fast kind of guy when it comes to grilling. I love the grill marks, and the flavor the char gives to the meat.

We used the Filets for beef wellingtons but didn't get any pictures. Sorry, but they didn't last long enough for pictures.

I realize Omaha Steaks aren't always the cheapest, and you have pay the shipping, but if you have a special occasion that you want to do steaks for, you won't find any better than Omaha Steaks.

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