Thursday, January 15, 2015

Movie Review: The Interview

North Korea, this is America. We're a free country that can view any movie we want ... even if we scratch our heads afterwards asking what we just watched.

Moral of the story, Seth Rogan and James Franco needed some money so they made this movie. In reality, it wasn't that bad, but if I wasn't a couple of drinks into the night I feel like my opinion would be a little different.

Thanks to Jim Carey, we're now stuck with the Stupid Comedy genre of movies. They're either epic hits (Dumb and Dumber) or they're epic fails (pretty much anything he's done the past 10 years). The Interview has it's moments, but even then they drag the jokes out past the funny time. Ok, I get it, he has to shove a big huge contraption in his butt, ha-ha.

Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if I'm even mad at North Korea. We watched it on Amazon Prime for $5, but if we had to go to the theater to see this, we would have spent over $20 to see it.

It's worth a cheap lazy laugh ... just don't forget the alcohol.

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